Sam's Club Project

2020/11/9 - 2020/11/18

This week, we were put into teams of four with the buisness students. We were given the task of finding a way to improve the customer experience at Sam's Club. At first, our team decided to create an interactive map of the store. However, we found out that Sam's Club was already working on that idea, so we went with our second idea of creating interactive ads, with human interaction and adding smells. Working with the buisness strand was good. I feel like they knew what they were doing with presentations better, but other than that I think we had the same skills for this project more or less.

Toshiba Project

2020/10/19 - 2020/10/30

Toshiba came to us with the problem of them not being able to visualize their data for employee time usage. My team was able to solve this problem by using PowerBI to visulalize the data given. I was able to use my experience from my internship to help our team create a dashboard. Our dashbaord was composed of three interactive tabs. When we presented, we also gave the client a phone demo of the dashboard so she could follow along. A piece of valuable feedback that she gave our group was to not give the client a demo to use before you present.

Capture The Flag by Walmart

2020/11/2 - 2020/11/5

This year's capture the flag (CTF) was better than last year's CTF because they showed us how to use the tools on Kali Linux. We learned how to use Burp Suite to intercept and modify network traffic going out of the computer. We also learned about SQL injection and how to use it. Last year, we didn't get much help from them I thought, but this year they taught us more more.

Mike Meadors, Bomb Squad


Mike Meadors, the Commander on the Bentonville Bomb Squad, came to Ignite today to show us their robot and talk about experiences from the bomb squad. What I found most interesting was that the Bomb Squad is responsible for such a large area and how little of them there actually are. I always thought that there were a lot more people on the Bomb Squad and that each county had one, but in reality, a bomb squad must cover a very large area. I was surprised by the way that the robot is controlled - it can be controlled with a normal X-Box 360 controller.

Tyler Orsak, Prisma


Tyler Orsak is an Art Director at Prisma. As an art director at Prisma, his role is to lead people to creative solutions to problems. This can include websites, art, photos, and videos. He talked to us today about how we should present the things we do and how we present ourselves. He told us to treat clients like normal people and not to use lofty words so we can just get our point across easily. He also told us that we need to go out of our way to show people that we are interesting, no one is just going to ask you so find ways to show it.

Adam Holland, GlaxoSmithKline


Adam Holland from GSK Pharmaceuticals talked to us today about cybersecurity and it is always changing. He told us that we should always be ready to adapt and change, never just staying the same. I found it interesting in the ways that GSK adapted when going virtual. One thing that they did was trying to reduce bandwidth going through their VPN servers because their was a sudden spike in it with all of the virtual conferencing. They did this by everyone turning off their video feed in conference calls.

Jason Viator, Walmart


Jason Viator from Walmart Onboarding came to talk to us about Walmart's company culture and how they've adapted to going virtual. One really useful piece of advice that he gave us is that, in order to stand out on a video call, you should have your camera on. This way, people will notice you better and it may help you get a job or promotion by showing you're actively participating. We also learned that internships are still happening virtually. There will be check in meetings every once in a while, but you will be having to work on your own a lot. Walmart Labs is not going to go back in person again, so virtual internships are the new normal. One thing he said that will be helpful to me is when on a Zoom call, use your phone for audio and computer for visual, so if your internet goes down you are still talking without any interruption.