Luke Simmons

Senior at Bentonville High School and Ignite Technology.

About Me

My name is Luke Simmons and I'm a senior at Bentonville High School. I am also enrolled in Ignite technology, a half-day class that teaches real world skills by allowing me to work on projects, hear from professionals, and going to an internship four days a week.

I've lived in Northwest Arkansas almost all my life; I moved here when I was only one and have gone to Bentonville Schools ever since. I'm also an outside linebacker on the football team and the president of robotics at school. At my church, I help run the tech behind each service

I first got into computers when I was only three, and have been interested in them ever since. I've been teaching myself about technology and programming and have been taking technology classes at school like Ignite to keep learning. I'm planning on majoring in Computer Science in college and getting a job in the technology field.